Exhibition-Relay 2020

#Solidarity #FightBack #SunGoesUp

11 Shows, 16 Artists, 2 Guest Curators

curated by Jung Me Chai


DISKURS Berlin presents Exhibition-Relay: #Solidarity #FightBack #SunGoesUp every two weeks from July-December 2020, there is a new exhibition in the space as the baton gets passed. Sixteen artists and two guest curators create eleven shows specifically designed to be viewed through the windows of DISKURS Berlin as our doors remain closed. This fast-paced exhibition program aims to support the artists, curators, and creative individuals to fight back against the COVID-19 crisis.






Yukiko Jungesblut 


17.09. -  29.09. 



Street & Sidewalk Opening 17.09.  7 - 10 pm


Exhibition-Relay #Solidarity #FightBack #SunGoesUp / Nr. 6



Zwischenbericht, 2020

©Courtesy of the Artist & Diskurs Berlin






(The intervention “Zwischenbericht” comes as a reflection to the situation proposed by Exhibition Relay 2020 at DISKURS Berlin, which was a reaction to the COVID 19 pandemic.)


Zwischenbericht takes up on the “Zwischen”, the in-between, and the parting and connecting it entails. However, this “Bericht” is more a pondering: an off-road/way-side speculation rather than a straight-faced report. The intervention is developed from the feeling of a forced pause, that nevertheless allows for the forgotten to resurface, sometimes with strange effects. It also tells of the longing for an overview but also for spaces or times to which access is denied. Zwischenbericht in its present form, circles around Mont Ventoux in the Provence region of France. Nowadays, the Ventoux enjoys fame as part of the Tour de France [1]. So in sporting comparison, this part of the DISKURS relay resembles the mountain stage. It is based on an actual “expedition” to the mountain that I undertook in 2017.


My project was an experiment. In the cultural section of a newspaper, I had found a splendid title: Faulpelz mit Weitblick. It was a note on Petrarch’s letter about his climbing Mont Ventoux in 1336 and how some scholars claimed that this climb and the subsequent letter meant a changing of worlds. The invention of the modern subject, the advent of humanism, the transition from medieval times to the renaissance. The first pleasure walk. Well, kind of. I have a natural sympathy for idlers and sloths and also for overviews. So, I was curious. What would happen if another idler were to climb this mountain? Would the view on the world also shift? The outer and the inner world collide? What do you find now? And how should the story be told? Will it be able to speak behind the barrier?


We are after a literary journey becoming an actual journey becoming a journey in mind and climbing a mountain on the sidewalk in the middle of Berlin.


[1] (although because of COVID19 not in 2020)





Yuki Jungesblut (Berlin) is an artist and researcher. She seeks out potentialities and instances of overlap between imagination, fiction, and reality. Her artistic practice is a mode of perpetual sensing, thinking, affirming, doubting, and translating. For her, freestyle research aims to combine analysis and associative play with aesthetic pleasure. Although she uses photography as her prime investigative method and for the construction of “emotional evidence,” Jungesblut works across a range of media – videos, printed matters, and installations reminding of movie sets which she calls “Gedankenräume” (thought spaces). These sets combine images, found objects, archival material ranging from newspapers, sketches, photos, light-objects, and documentation material from her research quests.














Exhibition-Relay 2020

#Solidarity #FightBack #SunGoesUp

11 Shows, 16 Artists, 2 Guest Curators

Curator: Jung Me Chai

Assistant Curator: Anna Ratcliffe






09.07. - 22.07. ARGUMENT - Birte Bosse & Thomas Rentmeister

settled by Peter Ungeheuer



23.07. - 05.08. BASEL 2020 - Lorina Speder



06.08. - 19.08. INVISIBLE BOUNDARY - Zinu Kim



20.08. - 02.09. DRUMROLL PLEASE… - William Winter



03.09. - 16.09. EVERYTHING DIVIDES - Red People: Nikoleta Markovic, Andrej Mircev, Eunseo Yi



17.09. - 29.09.  ZWISCHENBERICHT -  Yukiko Jungesblut 



30.09. - 14.10. DONNERSTAGS ORCHIDEEN WÄSSERN - Gregor Hildebrandt 



15.10. - 28.10. WAITINGROOM - Jeewi Lee & Jay Lee



29.10. - 11.11. HYSTERIC C - Hana Yoo



12.11. - 25.11. TAPPING, DRESSINGBethan Hughes & Laura Schawelka

curated by Anna Ratcliffe



26.11. - 09. 12. LOVEANTIC - Jérôme Chazeix
























































































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