Red People:

Nikoleta Markovic

Andrej Mircev

Eunseo Yi



Exhibition-Relay 2020 #Solidarity #FightBack #SunGoesUp / Nr. 5




In the third iteration of the project Everything Divided, pop-up collective Red People develops a new work that navigates between forensic reconstruction, experimental cartography, and collage. The DISKURS window is transformed into a black screen consisting of multiple visual and textual layers. The installation exposes the multitude of ideological, class, gender, and racial divisions and, at the same time, can be understood as a conceptual reordering of the gallery display. Everything Divides seeks to (self)reflect the position of the audience, as being cut-off from the inside and confronted with distances.  



Everything Divides, 2020, Installation View

©Courtesy of the Artist & Diskurs Berlin



William Winter

20.08. - 02.09.



Exhibition-Relay #Solidarity #FightBack #SunGoesUp / Nr. 4





Drumroll please...' is comprised of a single solitary sculpture entitled, 'Physio'. The piece embodies brokenness in all of its glory and awkwardness. As if standing in for a grand piano, spotlighted, raised on a podium to be viewed, we watch eagerly with an anticipation of an impressive performance knowing full well one may not ever come. 

Intended as a mechanism for simultaneous acceptance of limitation and anticipation of a way past any barriers, 'Drumroll please...,' invites viewers to wait in quiet contemplation for what may come next by accepting what has already been. 



‘Physio’, 2020, wood, steel, aluminum, ivory, brass, and wax, 63 x 76 x 90 cm

©Courtesy of the Artist & Diskurs Berlin





Zinu Kim


Exhibition-Relay 2020 #Solidarity #FightBack #SunGoesUp Nr. 3





Invisible Boundary is inspired by Seolgyeong, paper cut-outs that can be found at shamanist ritual spaces in Korea. Seolgyeong consists of patterns, letters, and abstract shapes created through the use of special knife cuts. It is a symbol of the boundaries between the invisible world of the soul and the real world. The paper structure has two functions: a decoration for shamanist rituals and a protective line which seals evil souls and ghosts from the real world. 


Paper is an essential material throughout the history of painting in Asia. Practically it is used as part of the door in Asian architecture, so it is also considered to be a material that divides space. The paper, when cutting into certain patterns, is décor, an artwork itself, an architectural material, and a symbol of the invisible boundary between the real and invisible world.


In this exhibition, Invisible Boundary, Seolgyeong is presented as a paper installation with geometric patterns as well as a reinterpretation of an invisible Korean boundary. These paper cut-outs finally present a metaphor of the moment, facing the fear of invisible beings, religious awe, and an unpredictable future.


Zinu Kim: Berlin-based artist. He was born in 1979 in Seoul, South Korea. He studied Asian painting in Seoul and later painting in Hamburg.





Invisible Boundary - Zinu Kim, Installation, 2020

©Courtesy of the Artist & Diskurs Berlin




Basel 2020 - Lorina Speder


Exhibition-Relay 2020 #Solidarity #FightBack #SunGoesUp Nr. 2


23.07.- 05.08.



Basel 2020 is a video work by Lorina Speder. Since Diskurs Berlin remains closed, the video work can be viewed only from the sidewalk. As of July 2020, the art exhibition Art Basel has not physically taken place. Referring to its digital program, Basel 2020 simulates the act of entering an online viewing room. Just like that, the transparency of the window at Diskurs resembles the slightly reflective surface of a screen.


Lorina Speder (*1988) is an Artist, Musician, and freelance writer from Berlin. Together with Milo Frielinghaus, she conducts the Present Square Art and Music Project.





Basel 2020 - Lorina Speder, Video Installation, Loop

©Courtesy of the Artist & Diskurs Berlin




Birte Bosse & Thomas Rentmeister

Exhibition-Relay 2020 #Solidarity #FightBack #SunGoesUp Nr. 1




09.07. - 22.07. 2020


Settled by Peter Ungeheuer



ARGUMENT showcases the artistic cooperation of Birte Bosse and Thomas Rentmeister, a married artist couple. This show is their first duo exhibition presenting a joint work. The temporary installation showcases the productive result of their affectionate argument, carried out with media which are typical for their respective body of work: steel and paper. As if they were playing “rock, paper, scissors,” the outcome is unforeseeable. The result will be visible from outside the gallery space. 


ARGUMENT ist eine künstlerische Kooperation des Künstler-Ehepaars Birte Bosse und Thomas Rentmeister, die erste ihrer Art in einer Doppelausstellung. Für die temporäre Installation werden die beiden Künstler ihren liebevollen Ehestreit mit den Materialien Stahl und Papier austragen; wie beim Spiel „Schnickschnackschnuck“ ist der Ausgang offen. Das Ergebnis können die Besucher durch die Fenster der Galerie betrachten. 


Peter Ungeheuer





ARGUMENT, 2020, Metal, Paper, Variable Size 


























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