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27.11. - 10. 12.



Exhibition-Relay #Solidarity  #FightBack  #SunGoesUp / Nr. 11




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Focussing on the contemporary representation of the male body, LOVEANTIC deals with images, symbols, and codes from ancient Greece. Jérôme Chazeix concerns himself with the images of antiquity and its interaction with aspects of our daily lives, as well as the shift of this aesthetic into other areas (e.g. cultural clichés, beauty, fetish, homoerotic, ecstasy, athletic body, fashion, techno, etc). The artwork is dedicated to our experience with access to images. Digital transformation and the consequences of the flood of media imagery are a few of the artist's current key focal points.


Through multimedia experiences, which the artist calls "Gesamtkunstwerk "(a total piece of art), Chazeix creates hybrid, analytical, and arranged cross over parallel worlds. At the installation's core is a simultaneous juxtaposition and connection of diverse media: drawing, textiles, video, and objects all play together. These diverse elements are being prioritized and integrated alternately, which leads to a complex yet possibly disorientating scenery. As the viewer is being hypnotized, they can enter a new form of consciousness, a state of otherness. All the staged surfaces in the room are being covered and wrapped in a graphical contamination. In Chazeix’s works, the image is never solitary, it only gains its meaning while combined with other elements. The museological references along with the collected elements and objects transport the viewer to a poetic staging of another world.



Jérôme Chazeix was born in France in 1976 and has been living in Berlin since 2000. Between 1994 and 2002, he studied Fine Arts at the University of Saint-Etienne (FR) and graduated with a thesis on Synthesis of the Arts (Gesamtkunstwerke). Between 2000 and 2004, he was a Meisterschüler (post-diploma) with Katharina Grosse at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art.


Jérôme Chazeix works and exhibits internationally. He has been selected for numerous grants and Artist Residencies such as Matsudo (JP), Shanghai (CN), Bergen (NO), Bangalore (IN), Helgeland (NO), Amsterdam, Vienna, Frankfurt, Ravensburg, Meinersen (GE), and Vilnius (LT). His recent solo exhibitions include Label201, Rome (IT), Galerie Herold, Bremen, Galerie Nachtspeicher23 Hamburg, A.I.R. Paradise, Matsudo (JP), and BERLIN WEEKLY, Berlin. His work was also included in the Lagos Biennale 2 (2019). 


Jérôme Chazeix builds complex installations that create hybrid parallel worlds. He combines and superimposes different mediums in order to reveal staged sets in which the public can dive into and be totally immersed. In these sets, actors play through choreographed and spontaneous performances. These works of art are meant to be "total", in the sense that performers and audiences both become protagonists of parallel worlds, finding a match in the objects around them. The public gets carried away, enveloped, searching for meaning, halfway between new-age desire and social reality. Performances, with audience participation, are integral to Chazeix’s overall concept and are frequently realized in the installations and permanently presented in videos. Chazeix's works are contemporary art combined with theatrical installations and are, in the truest sense, a stage for the public.













Exhibition-Relay 2020

#Solidarity #FightBack #SunGoesUp

11 Shows, 16 Artists, 2 Guest Curators

Curator: Jung Me Chai

Assistant Curator: Anna Ratcliffe


DISKURS Berlin presents Exhibition-Relay: Solidarity, FightBack, SunGoesUp every two weeks from July-December 2020, there is a new exhibition in the space as the baton gets passed. Sixteen artists and two guest curators create eleven shows specifically designed to be viewed through the windows of DISKURS Berlin as our doors remain closed. This fast-paced exhibition program aims to support the artists, curators, and creative individuals to fight back against the COVID-19 crisis.



Nr. 1

09. 07. - 22.07. ARGUMENT - Birte Bosse & Thomas Rentmeister settled by Peter Ungeheuer 


Nr. 2

23.07. - 05.08. BASEL 2020 - Lorina Speder


Nr. 3

06.08. - 19.08. INVISIBLE BOUNDARY - Zinu Kim 


Nr. 4

20.08. - 02.09. DRUMROLL PLEASE… - William Winter


Nr. 5

03.09. - 16.09. EVERYTHING DIVIDES - Red People: Nikoleta Markovic, Andrej Mircev, Eunseo Yi 


Nr. 6

17.09. - 29.09.  ZWISCHENBERICHT -  Yukiko Jungesblut  


Nr. 7

30.09. - 14.10. DONNERSTAGS ORCHIDEEN WÄSSERN - Gregor Hildebrandt 


Nr. 8

15.10. - 28.10. WAITINGROOM - Jeewi Lee & Jay Lee


Nr. 9

29.10. - 11.11. HYSTERIC C - Hana Yoo 


Nr. 10

12.11. - 25.11. TAPPING, DRESSING - Bethan Hughes & Laura Schawelka curated by Anna Ratcliffe 


Nr. 11

27.11. - 10. 12. LOVEANTIC - Jérôme Chazeix










Due to the increasing spread of COVID-19 REAL, SYMBOLIC, IMAGINARY  postponed to a later date. We will continue to update the information on this website as well as through our social media channels.



Zinu KIM

Jeewi LEE


Alexej PARYLA 

Lorina SPEDER 


LI Zhenhua



‘I began with the Imaginary, I then had to chew on the story of the Symbolic ... and I finished by putting out for you this famous Real’ – Jacques Lacan


The title of this project Real, Symbolic, Imaginary, is inspired by Jacques Lacan’s three psychoanalytic orders. These fundamental dimensions need to be discussed not only in the aspects of psychical processes but also in understanding the real-life of North Koreans.


While South Korea is understood in various perspectives with its active interaction around the world, North Korea is often seen unilaterally and passively through mass communications or clips from foreign visitors. There have been several recent exhibitions abroad on North Korea, in Gwangju and at the Busan Biennial. Artworks from North Korea were presented, and some were even by a North Korea defectors. Most of the time, North Korea’s political issues, ideology and armaments are what catch the eye of the outer worlds. However, the general populations’ lives, their dreams, families, love, and friendships, are barely known. The DISKURS Berlin project aims to turn away from what is known, reported and sensationalized and turns instead toward the people, the mundane and the daily lives of North Koreans.


Hence, political ideology will be excluded from the project. The invited artists from South Korea and Berlin will explore materials from North Korea collected on a research trip by Jung Me Chai, they include linguistic books, modern comics, medical books, movies and television series. The artists will use these source materials and their artistic practice to present the audience with original artworks that actively interprets the daily lives of North Koreans, escaping from current perceptions of the country. Moreover, they will enter into a critical examination of these concepts and open up a dialogue that moves beyond monolithic narratives.


Last year Berlin celebrated 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Through its history, Berlin is now seen as a symbol of freedom and liberal expression.

Real, Symbolic, Imaginary expects the positive synergy between the exhibition and the symbolic place Berlin.


The project Real, Symbolic, Imaginary attempts to transport an emancipatory alternative into the public consciousness in this critical era. It will be a platform where two worlds of North and South Korea meet and understand each other for the better.


Jung Me Chai
























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