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David Szauder


04.03. - 17.03.



It slowly sounds commonplace that our lives have been radically transformed by the COVID pandemic for a year now. We all experience its impact in different ways. The prospect that it will last for an unpredictable time can be quite depressing. For me, it appears as a kind of endless loop that returns again and again and wraps around our days. Never before has there been an epidemic about which the amount of news has been as vast and rapid as it is today, and all of this could only have a more depressing effect. The growing mass of daily information is drawn in curves on a piece of paper by a small drawing robot. Each time the word pandemic occurs in the news, the small robot gets the information to draw the next curve. The position of the curves is determined by the time and GPS coordinates of where the news is coming from, following the virus’s current status. Operating this way, an abstract image of the pandemic, an infinite abstract loop is formed during the two weeks the exhibition is on.

David Szauder is a digital artist, designer, and curator. He is currently working as a Curator and art consultant with his studio (ARTPROJEKT BERLIN, Handshape, Publishing Hungary, 2023 European Cultural capital, etc.). As an artist and curator, he participated in many different exhibitions from Berlin to Seoul in the last nine years. Currently, he is developing a kinetic sculpture (Seoul, Berlin London)

He was also a guest lecturer in film at the University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, where he found his artistic style and created the unique method and the series of ‘Failed Memories’. David Szauder studied Art History and New Media in Budapest and afterward spent a year on a scholarship in Helsinki. Soon after arriving in Berlin, he started to work as the artistic director for the Hungarian Cultural Institute.




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Due to the increasing spread of COVID-19 REAL, SYMBOLIC, IMAGINARY  postponed to a later date. We will continue to update the information on this website as well as through our social media channels.



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‘I began with the Imaginary, I then had to chew on the story of the Symbolic ... and I finished by putting out for you this famous Real’ – Jacques Lacan


The title of this project Real, Symbolic, Imaginary, is inspired by Jacques Lacan’s three psychoanalytic orders. These fundamental dimensions need to be discussed not only in the aspects of psychical processes but also in understanding the real-life of North Koreans.


While South Korea is understood in various perspectives with its active interaction around the world, North Korea is often seen unilaterally and passively through mass communications or clips from foreign visitors. There have been several recent exhibitions abroad on North Korea, in Gwangju and at the Busan Biennial. Artworks from North Korea were presented, and some were even by a North Korea defectors. Most of the time, North Korea’s political issues, ideology and armaments are what catch the eye of the outer worlds. However, the general populations’ lives, their dreams, families, love, and friendships, are barely known. The DISKURS Berlin project aims to turn away from what is known, reported and sensationalized and turns instead toward the people, the mundane and the daily lives of North Koreans.


Hence, political ideology will be excluded from the project. The invited artists from South Korea and Berlin will explore materials from North Korea collected on a research trip by Jung Me Chai, they include linguistic books, modern comics, medical books, movies and television series. The artists will use these source materials and their artistic practice to present the audience with original artworks that actively interprets the daily lives of North Koreans, escaping from current perceptions of the country. Moreover, they will enter into a critical examination of these concepts and open up a dialogue that moves beyond monolithic narratives.


Last year Berlin celebrated 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Through its history, Berlin is now seen as a symbol of freedom and liberal expression.

Real, Symbolic, Imaginary expects the positive synergy between the exhibition and the symbolic place Berlin.


The project Real, Symbolic, Imaginary attempts to transport an emancipatory alternative into the public consciousness in this critical era. It will be a platform where two worlds of North and South Korea meet and understand each other for the better.


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