Finissage Concert 
Zettel´s Dream #1
Jan-Peter E.R. SONNTAG


Saturday, 02.06.2018. 8 pm

Bassa#4 für zwei Konträsse 
Solobass Lars Gühlcke

Free entrance / Diskurs Bar will be open

photo by the artist




Artists Talk 15.02.2018. 6 pm

Workshop 10.03.2018. 2 pm



Christian Faubel

Baruch Gottlieb

Wolfgang Spahn

La Table Ronde

Book Launch & Talk


Sat., 24.11.2017, 7-9 pm


Koreanisches Kulturzentrum

Leipziger Pl. 3

10117 Berlin


Prof. Dr. Martin Büsing, Surgeon, Specialist in obesity •  Dr. Christoph Gosepath, Psychiatrist, Theatre Director •  Kristiane Kegelmann, Artist
Zinu Kim, Artist• Peter Ungeheuer, Curator • Jung Me Chai, Moderator

Banana Banana 2

Artists Talks 


Wed., 19.07. 7 pm

Li Zhenhua - Presentation: Curating

Thu., 07.09. 7 pm

Aaajiao - Artist presentation: The user

Thu., 14.09. 7 pm

Li Zhenhha, He Xiangyu, He Jianping - Discussion: Artist book and making of

Thu., 28.09. 7 pm

Liao Wenfeng - Artist presentation: Drawing, gif animation

Patrycja German - Artist presentation: Collaboration

                               Catalogue Launch Party

                               Tuesday, 16/05/2017, 7 pm


                               PRESENTED CATALOGUES
                               1. Annual Catalogue/Jahreskatalog, 1. Edition, 2016
                               2. Exhibition Catalogue  connected [in], Ji-Young Rhee
                               3. Exhibition Catalogue In/
Sub Text



Saturday,29.04.2017, 3 pm


Baruch Gottlieb - Jinran Kim

Artists Talk

Thursday, 04.05.2017, 7 pm


Baruch Gottlieb - Jinran Kim 

(ulti)mate Event

Artists Talk
Wednesday, October 5th, 7:00 pm


Jimok Choi - Ann Oren - Elisa Storelli


Is Anybody Home? 

VIRAL ECOLOGIES: The Acoustic Vibration of Ants


Saturday, July 16th, 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm


Kuai She​n














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