1.9mouth 九口走召

TimeTravel Banana / 穿越时空的香蕉

video / 录像, 2’27, 2017

2. aaajiao

Avatar / 头像

Gif animation, screen / Gif 动画、屏幕, 10’41, Dimension variable / 尺寸可变, 2017

3.Cao Yu

Wetland / 湿地, installation / 装置, pillow /  banana/ 香蕉, 2017

4. Catherine Biocca

Superjail installation / 装置, 2017

5. Chen Xiao

A story about banana / 一个香蕉的故事, video / , 27’15, 2017

6. Dieter Detzner

banana / 香蕉, video / , 2’24, 2000

7. Ehsan UHaq

Atom Boy / 阿童木, installation / 装置, 230 diameter, 2017

8. He Jianping 何⻅见平

Untitled / 无题, photography / 摄影, 60x80 cm x 2, 2017

9. 10. He Xiangyu 何翔宇

banana / 香蕉, installation / 装置, site specific, 2017

11. Li Binyuan 厉槟源

Breakfast / 早餐

photography / 摄影, 60x40 cm, 2015

12.-16. Li Zhenhua 李振华

Us / 咱们 1 installation / 装置

Us / 咱们 2 installation / 装置

Us / 咱们 3 photography / 摄影


17. 18. Liao Wenfeng 廖文峰

Infinite Walking with Bananas / 无限行走-香蕉

Acrylic on Canvas, Mounted on MDF / 画布丙烯,裱于密度板上, 119×70 cm, 2017

A Woman Who Hates Bananas / 痛恨香蕉的女人 Gif Animation, Screen / Gif 动画、屏幕, 21’38, Dimension Variable / 尺寸可变, 2017

19. Patrycja German & Holger Endres

7. Juni 2014, 12.15 Uhr,  Preko / Kroatien photography / 摄影, fine art print on hahnemühle paper, 30x45 cm, 2014

20. Thomas Eller

THE_white_male_complex(banana_song), video / , 11’30, 2017

21. Melanie Wang 王木木

Banana  Banana  / 香蕉香蕉, photography /  Dimension variable 尺寸可, 2017

22.-25. Wu Xuanhua 吴璇花

On/Off / 开关开关 painting / 绘画, 2017

26. 27. Xing Gang 邢罡

Square III, installation / 装置 Kun Lun white Jade, 8x7,5 cm  x 4 mm, 2017

28. Xue Feng 薛峰

Train. Hotel. Museum. Collection and Now / 火⻋车.酒店.美术馆.收集和现在 1

Train. Hotel. Museum. Collection and Now / 火⻋车.酒店.美术馆.收集和现在 2

collage of printed material / 印刷品拼贴, 73x42 cm, 2017

29. Yuan Gong 原弓

A Little Apple / 苹果, video / , 10’41, 2017

30. Zhang Hui 张慧

Untitled / 无题, oil on cardboard 纸板油画, 20x20 cm x 2, 2015

31. 32. Installation View

Opening: Wed., 28.06., 6-9 PM

29.06. - 01.10.2017



9mouth, aaajiao, Catherine Biocca, Cao Yu, Chen Xiao, Dieter Detzner, 

Ehsan Ul Haq, He Jianping, He Xiangyu, Li Binyuan, Li Zhenhua, 

Liao Wenfeng, Patrycja German, Holger Endres, Thomas Eller, 

Melanie Wang, Wu Xuanhua, Xing Gang, Xue Feng, 

Yuan Gong, Zhang Hui



Imagine, that freedom and belief become a life philosophy. When all this becomes an actuality, we move even further away from reality, whether we choose or not, good or bad, succeeding or failing. This is your choice, it is your freedom and your belief. If you choose to believe, you will be inevitably free from fear, hesitation, and indecisiveness, and thus will pass on the responsibility to others. The same applies to one’s religious, political and scientific dependency. If science, religion or politics would be replaced with art or contemporary art, it is equally applicable. People gain freedom through their faith, not from freedom itself.


Stell dir vor, dass Freiheit und Glaube zur Lebensphilosophie werden. Wenn all dies Wirklichkeit wird, entfernen wir uns sogar noch weiter von der Wirklichkeit. Ob man etwas wählt, oder nicht, ob gut oder schlecht, Erfolg oder Misserfolg. Du hast die Wahl, es ist auch deine Freiheit und dein Glauben. Wenn du dich entscheidest zu glauben, wirst du unweigerlich von Angst, Zweifel und Unentschlossenheit befreit, so dass die Verantwortung an Andere abgegeben wird. Das Gleiche gilt auch für die Abhängigkeit des Menschen von Religion, Politik und Wissenschaft, wenn diese drei Bereiche mit Kunst, oder zeitgenössischer Kunst ersetzt werden, ist es auch auf sie anwendbar. Die Menschen gewinnen an Freiheit, durch ihren Glauben, aber nicht durch die Freiheit selbst.


想象自由和相信,想象这些成为生活的理念。当这一切成为现实,我们是否也离真实更远。选择或不选择,好或坏,成功或失败。这是你的选择,也是你的自由和相信。 如果你选择了相信,也就必然的从恐惧、迟疑和摇摆不定中解放,从而将责任给予他人,同样这也适用于人对宗教、政治和科学的依赖,如果将科学、宗教、政治替换成艺术或当代艺术,也同样适用。人通过相信获得自由,并不在自由中获得。


Li Zhenhua 

is the inaugural curator for new institutions in China, such as K11 Chi Art Space, Shanghai (2013), Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai (2014), Ginkgo Art Space, Beijing (2015) and A4 Art Museum, Chengdu (2016-2017). Founder of Big Whale, Berlin (2016), Chronus Art Center, Shanghai (2014), A307, Beijing (2014) and Laboratory Art Beijing, Beijing (2006), he has been active in the artistic field since 1996 – his practice mainly concerning curation, art creation, and project management. Since 2010 he has been the nominator for the Summer Academy at the Zentrum Paul Klee Bern (Switzerland), as well as for The Prix Pictet (Switzerland).

Li Zhenhua was a member of the international advisory board for the exhibition Digital Revolution at the Barbican Centre in the UK in 2014, received as a member of the international advisory board for Videotage and Symbiotica in 2015. He has edited several artists’ publications, including Yan Lei: What I Like to Do (Documenta, 2012), Hu Jieming: One Hundred Years in One Minute (2010), Feng Mengbo: Journey to the West (2010), and Yang Fudong: Dawn Mist, Separation Faith (2009). A collection of his art reviews has been published under the title Text in 2013.


*all images taken by 9mouth

















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